Specialist Pruning

We often find that we are approached by people who love maintaining their gardens themselves, but struggle with certain aspects, so we decided to offer a separate service, providing specialist pruning services, where a little bit extra knowledge is required. If you have any of the following plants/small trees that require a bit of attention, then we'd be happy to assist:

  • Wisteria - requiring training along a new wall/fence, reduction or general pruning. Or maybe it's just got a little out of reach and you're not keen on climbing a ladder!

  • Roses - climbers, ramblers or shrub roses

  • Fruit trees - unfortunately we are not able to tackle large fruit trees, where a chainsaw would be required, but anything small to medium in size, that needs an annual prune or a little more attention to bring it back to it's former fruiting glory! We also include raspberry canes and fruit bushes in this category.

For anything not listed above, then please get in touch and we'd be happy to advise you on whether we can help.